How To Keep A Man

How To Make Him Want You

How To Make Him Want You  5  Simple Tips on How To Make Him Want You

When you see a guy that you really like, the first thing that comes into mind is how to make him want you.

It can be quite difficult to catch a guy’s attention especially if you just saw him randomly someplace or if he doesn’t look your way.

Most of the time guys will only see a girl with physical features that are very striking to them. So, how do you get him to notice you and eventually make him want you? Read below for a few tips on how to make a guy want you.


Be Positive

Nothing is more annoying to a guy than a woman who complains a lot and constantly pouts. When you are going out with a guy keep a positive disposition. The more positive you are the more guys will take notice and want to be with you.

Even when things aren’t going the way you planned don’t sulk and feel disappointed. Always look on the brighter side of things and come up with solutions. Staying positive is How To Make Him Want You.


Go Out There

Guys won’t go knocking on your door and be delivered right to your doorstep – unless he works in the postal service. You will have to put your shoes on and be out there on how to make a man want you.

By mingling and socializing, you get to interact with guys and potentially meet the one for you. Guys like a woman who knows how to have fun and live life to the fullest. Go out there and have fun. Make men want you even more by living your life.


Be Friendly

It is important to stay approachable and friendly especially to men if you want to make them want you. Start conversing with random people you encounters everyday in a friendly manner. In line with the first tip, this allows you to become positive that men find attractive.

This will be your subtle way of flirting because really, what men want are not women who throw themselves to men. Men want someone who can be friendly and approachable without appearing too flirtatious.


Show Your True Self

Stop pretending to be someone else that you are really not. One thing on how to make him want you is to show who you really are and your true personality. Men will be able to tell if you are just faking it because it will show that you are uncomfortable.

Men want women who are comfortable in their skin and are not afraid to show who they really are. If you are not comfortable with wearing makeup and heels all the time, it is best that you use them minimally (like only on dates).


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Loosen Up

This tip does not mean using alcoholic beverages on How To Make Him Want You but letting yourself lose. Relax and shrug off the tension and stiffness in you. This can only be achieved if you are showing your true self – just as mentioned in the previous tip.

Making a guy want you can be quite difficult to achieve. But with these tips on how to make him want you, you can easily get the attention of the guy you are eyeing and make him want to go out on more dates with you.

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