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How To Get A Man To Commit

How To Get A Man To Commit  Top 3 Rules on How To Get A Man To Commit

Many women who want a long term relationship often ask how to get a man to commit. This is a problem with most men especially in their younger years.

They like to play around and be foolish with many women at a time. Since they are bachelors anyway, and they can only be young for a few years, they prefer spending it the fun way they know how.

This is why most young men find it hard to commit. But this is not to say that you can never get them to commit because there are a few rules on how to get a man to commit you can follow that will surely change everything.

These rules will help him realize the importance of commitment and potentially create a lasting relationship with you.


Say What You Want

When you get into a fight, going the silent treatment route won’t do you any good. It is important that you tell him what you want and how you feel.

Men will always appreciate a woman who knows how to speak her mind than someone who prefers to keep quiet. As they will always tell you, they are not psychics and they can’t read minds.

Hence, it is important to convey what you are thinking and how you are feeling. If he doesn’t respect what you think and how you feel, the relationship will definitely fail. Remember, a relationship is carried by two people and not by one person alone.


Respect Yourself

Men will find great value in women who knows how to respect their selves. Don’t always give too much of everything to your man – unless he does the same thing to you.

Giving too much love, support, and care can often translate to a man as mundane things and that your feelings don’t really count anymore. Not that giving him those is a bad thing but the thing is, giving him more will tell him that he is more important than yourself.

This could mean to him that you don’t respect yourself and that you don’t care about yoursef anymore. One thing on how to get him to commit that you should remember is to give yourself more than what you give him.


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Get What You Want

In line with the first mentioned rule, getting what you want is another thing that you need to remember on how to get a man to commit. Most of the time, women dedicate their whole lives to their man even if the latter doesn’t treat the former well.

This is a huge mistake for women. Defining the boundaries as well as the set rules and requirements in your relationship is not a bad thing. This just shows that you know very well what you want. If you are going out on a date and he asks you to go to the restaurant on your own but you want to be picked up at home, tell him.

These are just some of the simple rules on How To Get A Man To Commit. Follow these and soon you will see your man committing to you and your relationship more. Have you read some of the products review that I really like?

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  1. Cindy says:

    I like your helpful 3 little tips on getting a man to commit. I have ‘tested’ it last week and guess what? It works like a charm.

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