How To Keep A Man

How To Keep A Man

Want To Know How To Keep A Man Interested In You ?

When you finally found the man you want to keep, it is important to keep him interested. Most often, men will start to lose interest in you after a few days or weeks of dating.

Men have a shorter attention span than most women thus how to keep a man can be quite difficult. You have to realize that keeping him interested and getting him to become interested in you are two totally different things.

You can get him interested simply by making yourself look good but keeping him interested is where the challenge begins. Here are some tips on how to keep a man interested in you and potentially have a longer relationship together.

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Hi, my name is Cindy. I have learned the long and hard way on how to keep a guy. Initially, it is not easy and many a time, I almost give up.

Thankfully, after a few months of searching online on relationship books and try out the theory, finally I found some really great help.


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Here Are The 4 Tips On How To Keep A Guy:


Be Interested In His Hobbies

Taking the initiative to be interested in one or more of his hobbies is a great thing on how you can keep him interested in you.

But this does not mean that you have to force yourself into playing basketball even if you know you can never be good at it. The key here is to choose only his hobbies that you can see yourself being interested in and that you can see yourself enjoying as well.

You may not enjoy playing basketball but you might enjoy watching it. You can watch his favorite team play together and talk about it after. Or, you can also watch him play and cheer for him.


Show Your Humorous Side

There is nothing more appealing to men than a woman who knows how to laugh and have a great time. One tip on how to keep a guy interested is to show your humorous side.

Laughter is an intimate bonding experience that you two can share and if you can make him laugh really hard with your sarcastic antics, witty punch lines, and timely delivery, it is most likely that he will stick around with you.


Show Your Support

Men always like it when they know their woman can support them with whatever endeavors they have.

One thing on how to keep a guy interested is to always be supportive of him. Your caring and nurturing side is a crucial factor for men to decide if you are worthy of a long time and serious relationship or not.

This is not to say that you need to become his second mother but just to let him know that you are always there for him whenever he needs support and listen to him when he needs someone to talk to.

Put Effort Into Your Appearance

Most women can all agree that after dating a guy for some time, they feel like it is okay to go on dates in sweatpants. But actually, this can make the guy lose interest in you altogether and all that effort you made your past dates will be put to waste.

This is not to say that you need a chock full of makeup on your face but putting a little effort into your look even if you have been dating for a long while is how to keep your man interested in you. Do view some of the recommended products that help many women.

These tips on how to keep your man can help you have a lasting relationship that is always interesting and fun. We can all agree that after some time a relationship can start becoming boring. And when that happens, these tips can help you save the relationship and gain the interest and spark back again.

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